Project tracking, profitability, and job costing

Track work from start to finish, so everyone stays in sync, on schedule, and maximize profitability

Say goodbye to project chaos, streamline workflows and gain control

Unleash the power of sBizzl’s advanced features. Streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and proactively identify potential delays to optimize resource allocation. Customize the platform to perfectly match your team’s best practices and maximize efficiency.

Manage project workflows with ease

sBizzl’s workflow software makes project management clear and manageable. Visualize what matters most, collaborate effortlessly with your team, and maintain control every step of the way. Create a user-friendly workflow that seamlessly connects your strategy to daily execution, all in an accessible way

Stay on top of your project costs

Understand your profit and loss at the project level

Eliminate project blind spots. See all your projects in clarity – from a single, centralized location. Uncover which projects are driving profit and which ones require attention. Make informed business decisions based on clear profit trends across your entire portfolio.

View the cost of employees on your project. Keep track of all expenses of everyone working on your project.
Keep your project’s personnel costs comprehensive and accurate, and track who is working on each project at a glance.