Plan, Track, and Analyze your customers’ Projects and Deals

sBizzl makes it easy to plan, manage, and visualize Projects and Deals assigned to your Employees and Vendors.

Weather-ready planning

sBizzl’s Planner is integrated with weather forecasts, allowing you to plan tasks and resources around expected conditions.

Make informed decisions and optimize your workflow with real-time weather insights.

Filter Your Tasks by Projects, Deals, Employee for Detailed Information

All tasks planned in sBizzl will automatically be visible in the planner for you to start using.

Easily switch between a focused view of a Project, Deal, Employee, or a comprehensive list of all upcoming tasks. This planner lets you filter and organize information instantly, giving you complete control over what you see.

Create and schedule a task directly from the planner

Instantly schedule and manage your tasks by drag-and-drop within the planner.

Easily manage your deliverables with task filtering by Employee, Role, and Vendor.

Sync your sBizzl Planner with Google Clalendar

sBizzl integrates with Google Calendar

Manage work directly from your planner view, and sync all your sBizzl tasks alongside meetings in your Google Calendar.