Ditch the Busywork,
Focus on What Matters

Automate repetitive tasks, safeguard processes, and optimize operational costs with a powerful automation feature.

Automate pipelines with workflow automation.

Visual automation designer

Visually craft your workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Effortlessly assemble the steps using pre-built elements to perfectly match your project’s needs.

Deals and projects task automation

Craft intelligent automation based on task details like priority, status and assigned team members. Automatically trigger actions at critical project junctures for a smooth and efficient flow.

Multiple workflows

Design several custom workflows to fit your specific needs. Tasks are automatically assigned after trigger events, freeing your team to tackle higher-level priorities.

Approval based flows

Stop, review, approve and continue the automation at any point of workflow. It helps you put the approval process to make sure you have what is needed to move the project to the next stage.

Advantages of workflow automation

Automate at scale

Automate routine tasks for effortless processing, while maintaining control over unique cases and exceptions.

Consistent delivery

Provide a consistent and transparent customer experience with reusable, standardized workflows.

Flexible workflows

Blend structured and unstructured processes seamlessly into a smooth, repetitive workflow.

“Before sBizzl, our processes and project accounting were a tangled mess. We were drowning in spreadsheets and losing track of vital information. sBizzl has given us a centralized platform that puts everything we need at our fingertips. Our operations are smoother, faster, and we’re saving countless hours that used to be spent on administrative and project management tasks.”

Rajul Patel, Owner  | redefinest