Manage deals without any hassle

Effortless Deal Management, Close deals faster and smoother, Gain total control of your pipeline .

Stay organized, close more deals, keep your deals and prospecting activities organized in one place.

Avoid burdening your sales representatives with the task of piecing together data from disparate systems. Boost their efficiency and effectiveness by providing a tailored prospecting environment where they can access all necessary information to qualify deals seamlessly.

sBizzl’s user-friendly prospecting software streamlines workflows, enabling your sales team to maintain focus throughout their day. With a unified workspace, converting leads into deals becomes effortless.

Simplify your deal management.

Ensure that menial tasks never divert your sales team from their primary focus on deals. With sBizzl’s deals tool, deal management becomes effortless. Deals progress through your pipeline automatically as your sales team interacts with them, enabling them to concentrate on selling while providing managers with accurate, real-time data for reporting purposes.

Establish and tailor your deal pipelines and stages to fit your needs.

Deal pipelines provide a visual representation of your sales process.

Deal stages within these pipelines signify progression toward closing opportunities for your sales team.

Customize and adjust your deal pipelines and stages according to your team’s requirements for optimal efficiency.