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Grow your business, Modernize and manage with sBizzl’s innovative platform.

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With every step of the way, from proposal  to completion.

Streamline your construction or contracting business, no matter the size, with sBizzl’s powerful platform.

Project Management and Planner with weather updates

Juggle projects with ease and boost profitability with sBizzl. Streamline communication across teams and clients, optimize workflows, and track projects from anywhere. Our intuitive platform lets you manage tasks, centralize communication, and build weather-proof construction schedules – all in one place.

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Streamline your sales and marketing

Close more deals and secure dream projects with sBizzl’s built-in sales tools. Showcase your expertise, capture high-quality leads, and streamline the bidding process. Powerful features for lead management, analysis, and conversion ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

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Invoices & Estimates with work breakdown templates

sBizzl offers a robust work breakdown feature. This capability empowers you to swiftly generate invoices and estimates with efficiency and accuracy. Our platform provides the tools needed to streamline your processes and enhance productivity

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Track project-level income and expenses

Understand your profit and loss at the project level

Eliminate project blind spots. See all your projects in clarity – from a single, centralized location. Uncover which projects are driving profit and which ones require attention. Make informed business decisions based on clear profit trends across your entire portfolio.

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Wow your customers

Deliver a delightful customer experience!  Our intuitive customer portal lets clients effortlessly access estimates, invoices, and make payments, keeping them informed and empowered throughout their journey with you.

Inventory Management Made Easy

Simplify inventory management with sBizzl’s real-time visibility.  See stock levels and order statuses at a glance, empowering you to handle any situation.  Manage large or small volumes seamlessly,  whether it’s stock adjustments, drop shipping, transfers, or project usage

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Manage your subcontractors easily

The contractor app empowers you to efficiently assign tasks and share vital project information with your subcontractors. Each task can include detailed descriptions, checklists for clear expectations, project schedules to ensure deadlines are met, location data for smooth execution and relevant documents for reference.

“Before sBizzl, our processes and project accounting were a tangled mess. We were drowning in spreadsheets and losing track of vital information. sBizzl has given us a centralized platform that puts everything we need at our fingertips. Our operations are smoother, faster, and we’re saving countless hours that used to be spent on administrative and project management tasks.”

Rajul Patel, Owner  | redefinest