Time tracking

Track time seamlessly, regardless of location: remote, office, or field.

Boost team efficiency by time tracking

Comprehensive Time Tracking & Reporting

Monitor and record the cumulative hours your employees are clocked in during their workday using a timesheet.

  • Employees can effortlessly record their time by clocking in and out via the sBizzl mobile application, allowing them to view their daily logged hours with convenience.
  • Retrieve a comprehensive timesheet report showcasing detailed time entries, entry locations, and the total hours logged.

Effortless time tracking, See exactly how much time goes into each job.

Monitor the duration your employees dedicate to travel or on-site job tasks.

  • Streamline payroll and boost efficiency, Track all work hours and job-specific time for effortless reporting and valuable insights into employee efficiency
  • Employees have the option to pause their time if they need to step away from the job without indicating it as completed.

Insightful reporting metrics, Unlock valuable insights with intelligent reporting

sBizzl’s enhanced reporting delivers clear insights from time tracking data, empowering you to optimize service delivery and maximize job profitability.

  • sBizzl lets you create and manage timesheets quickly, with the flexibility to adjust time entries for ultimate control.
  • Gain workforce visibility, Track total travel and on-job time by employee with our intuitive clocked In report.
  • Uncover True Project Costs: Leverage on-the-job time tracking and employee rates for accurate labor cost insights in your man hour costing reports.

Management and Administration

Effortlessly oversee your entire workforce. Streamline and simplify your business operations by automating basic tasks and transitioning to digital record-keeping. Empower your employees to manage their schedules, submit time-off requests, and access essential information conveniently through an intuitive mobile application.

  • Simplify time-off management, Approve requests and stay on top of your team’s schedules with ease.
  • Effortlessly organize HR documents: Upload, and update files with a few clicks.

Time tracking your way

Mobile app

GPS enabled clocking for your field workers to enable project location level time tracking

Clocking kiosk

Your team can use a tablet to clock in and out with PIN number.

Web app

Your team can track/log time spent on tasks from our web app

“With our team spread out in the field and or working offshore & remotely, it was a challenge to keep everyone on the same page. sBizzl has eliminated communication bottlenecks. Secure deals & project management tools and seamless sharing of information have fostered real-time collaboration across the company, boosting our productivity and efficiency.”

Rajul Patel, Owner  | redefinest